The pitfalls of renovating a house yourself

The pitfalls of renovating a house yourself

The pitfalls of renovating a house yourself

One of the biggest causes of marital stress is home renovations – especially when they drag on or leave the home in a worse state.  The pitfalls of renovating can be many and varied and the experts from South Coast Homes are often called in to rectify DIY disasters that could have been avoided by some forward planning and the help of a design team.

Builders have seen it all

Builders report a variety of frequent errors made by do-it-yourselfers which they are engaged to fix at extra expense to the home owner.  Often the repairs cost more than the initial work would have.

Getting it wrong

Trying to save money by using low quality materials can result in long term defects and further problems down the road.  Peeling paint is just one example.

Inaccurate measuring – made possible with your wind up tape measure held at one end by your 8 year old.  South Coast Homes uses the latest technology in laser distance meters that are accurate to .015 of a metre.

Not taking the time

“That’ll do” – the two words that spell the death knell to good building.  Taking the time to complete preparation work and finishing the job off is where South Coast Homes add value to your renovations.

Removing too much

Knowing what to remove and what to leave is a minefield for amateur renovators – knocking down the wrong wall, finding yourself in trouble with electrical wiring or crumbling walls is something you don’t want to happen.

You don’t know what you don’t know

Anticipation is the key feature of renovating and the weekend builder may not have the experience to be able to anticipate problems he doesn’t know exist.

Going cheap can be dangerous and endless

Dong it yourself often means making do – and that goes for your tool kit as well.  Using the old tools from the shed or the cheapest set from the local hardware store can make the job much more difficult and can often be dangerous.

Then there are the “temporary solutions” which all too often become permanent, leaving the house awash with duct tape, wedges of wood or incorrect materials used in place of the real thing ‘for now’.

See the light

Lighting is particularly difficult to plan yourself – by contrast an expert home designer is aware of the latest in green solutions and current trends, as well as how to create functional yet ambient effects with the correct placing of light fittings.

Avoid the pitfalls and call in the experts

Calling in the professional team of designers, architects, builders and other tradesmen at South Coast Homes will give you confidence that your renovations will be completed to time, within budget and quality made.  Whether you are planning bathroom renovations, kitchen renovations, house extensions or improvements, South Coast Homes will offer a full service in customised designs to suit you and your home.


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