Kitchen Installations: DIY vs Professional

Kitchen Installations: DIY vs Professional

Kitchen Installations: DIY vs Professional

The kitchen is one of the most functional rooms in the house.  Filled with appliances both large and small, the kitchen needs to be designed and built to accommodate the fridge, oven, dishwasher, and sink, allow bench space, cupboard space and the plumbing and electricity required to make everything go.

Bearing this in mind, amateur kitchen renovations are a risky prospect.  We’ve all heard the nightmare stories of DIY renovations – kitchen installations must be amongst the worst.  Ovens left sticking out of the wall, massive gaps between appliances and benches, pieces of MDF as benchtops ‘just for now’.

Walls being knocked out by inexpert hands and plastered with equally inexpert hands, leaving crooked walls that instantly bring down the value of your home

On the other hand the professional installers at South Coast Homes will see your old kitchen removed with care and the new one installed while you and your spouse are safely out of the way.

Even if you are an expert handyman, installing your home kitchen is not your full time job and one of the biggest draw backs in DIY home improvements is the time factor.  We all have other things to do – unexpected drawbacks during the kitchen build can add time you don’t have leaving unfinished jobs that may never be completed (sound familiar?)

 Things that can hold up a DIY installation:

  • You go to replace the bench tops and find that the cupboards underneath are rotten.
  • The cupboard structure has moved with the house and the new bench tops can’t simply be placed on top.
  • Plumbing needs replacing or repairing and only a qualified gas plumber is able to do the job.
  • The kit-set you purchased doesn’t fit the space, or is missing parts.
  • Your tools are not up to the task.

Professional Installation:

  • Usually consists of a team of experts who can deal with any unexpected occurrences. South Coast Homes employs professionals with a range of skills that will see your beautiful new kitchen installed without any stress to yourself.
  • Have all the tools on hand to safely remove and install old and new elements of your kitchen or will be able to purchase them quickly.
  • Does this for a job – your South Coast Homes expert installer knows how everything goes and how to place it with minimum effort and no damage.
  • Is being paid to do the job so will ensure a perfect finish.
  • Will do what you want as you are the customer.
  • All the elements will blend and fit together.

For expert kitchen installation or other home renovations, South Coast Homes service the whole Gold Coast and will help you design and install the ideal kitchen for your home. Before you begin a potential DIY disaster call their professional team to work out an individual renovation plan for the most important room of the house.



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