Get the latest trends in new bathrooms

Get the latest trends in new bathrooms

Get the latest trends in new bathrooms

If you are planning to update your bathroom in the near future contact South Coast Homes to discuss how they can create a customised plan to modernise your home. 2016 leads the coming year into a number of trends that you can incorporate into your bathroom renovations.

Go bold

Bold geometric lines and minimalist use of space allow unique, individual touches to your home improvements.  A smooth transition from shower to bath to hand-basin lends a sense of tranquillity to the space you go to to relax, cleanse and pamper yourself.

Find peace

The sense of peace and tranquillity created by the use of solid forms is enhanced by a return to natural earthy or cool tones, and timeless black and white.    Kiln fired ceramic or polished stone basins are popular right now to emphasise the wholesome feel of your bathroom.

Get natural

Add stone or wood to create tactile surfaces that bring warmth to the room – for example, duck flooring is pleasant to step out onto from a warm shower, and is made viable by new purposed designed timber coated to withstand the water and moisture of the bathroom and shower.  The rich tone of hard wood varieties is now being contrasted with patterned tiles or strong bold colours.

Let the water flow

To complete the bathroom as a place for rejuvenation add one of a variety of large showerheads, either square or multi holed for massaging under a stream of warm water.  A hand held shower installed next to the bath taps rather than on the wall is a new feature in many bathrooms, taking away clutter and adding convenience.

Glam it up

Moving away from the sterility of ceramics, porcelain tiles that are non-absorbent and maintenance free are now available.  This new look has the luxurious and glamorous look of marble but can be purchased at a much more reasonable price.  Combine this with the newest trend of metallic touches such as brass taps or brushed stainless steel accents to keep your bathroom at the height of trends.

Taking the concept of the bathroom as more than just a washing room is the addition of furniture and art to suit the individual. Combine this with ambient lighting to create a pleasant atmosphere as you soak in the tub, created by a combination of low-voltage electric lights, natural lighting and targeted lights over the mirror.

Create space

Make the most of space with clever storage ideas ideal for smaller bathrooms – nifty cupboards hold all your bits and pieces, with a free standing sink creating a minimalist effect.

Take your favourite on trend bathroom designs and call in the experts at South Coast Homes on the Gold coast to make your dream bathroom come to life.


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