Add value when renovating outside

Add value when renovating outside

Add value when renovating outside


The outside of your property makes the first impression of your home to visitors or potential buyers.  The outdoors can be a pleasant space for relaxation, entertainment, sport or fun around your home.  It can also be an area where you can increase the value of the home by certain additions or features so when you’re making home improvements don’t neglect this important space.  South Coast Homes will include the outdoors in any house extension or home improvement design to suit the size and shape of the block.

Greenery enhances the home

Native plants complete the outside of any home, softening the lines of a garden and providing natural shade and privacy.  Natives are easy to look after and will survive the Australian summer.  For an indigenous hedge, Orange jessamine, Photinia, or Lilly Pilly all grow to around hedge height and will make a great display year round.

Including a grassed area in the front or back of the house (or both) to absorb heat, lowers cooling costs to your home, and provides play spaces for children and pets.  Home renovations should always include a new lawn – rolled grass is the easiest and quickest way to ensure a springy turf.

Add some decor

Simple landscaping and garden ornaments can be creative and give a more sophisticated look – add some paving slabs for a pathway through the garden, or scatter solar lighting through the plants.  For side gardens make sure you add mulch to keep weeds out and water in. Rocks and pebbles make attractive features that are easy to arrange.

Practical features are a must

Garden sheds are essential in the back yard – for tool storage, simple building projects and as a feature.  Make sure the roof is well sealed and doesn’t leak.

Rainwater tanks and solar panels increase the value of your entire home as cost saving devices and of course reduce your own carbon footprint. If you are planning bathroom renovations or kitchen renovations, saving money on electricity and gas makes sense.

Keep it modern

Updating the colour scheme and cladding of your home on occasion will keep it at top value – new colour bonded guttering and coating on the roof, or rendering brick walls will make your home attractive at first glance and keep the roof maintained.

For landscaping and outdoor design ideas, South Coast Homes offers a comprehensive service for the whole gold coast area.  Your individual ideas will be customised to suit your exterior and home, by an expert and award winning team.



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